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agrowing collection of articles, issues and trends related to Values/Character Education. Once you explore these sites I am sure that you will agree with me that Values Education is here to stay.



1. Pinoy Kasi by Mike Tan                             

2.  Francis J. Kong                                  

3.  Pro-Life Philippines                                                     

4.  Character Education Lessons Life Skills Lessons Compelling Online Resources To Help Educators and Parents Change Lives                                


6.  Journal of Research in Character Education                   

7.  ACTIVE AND COOPERATIVE LEARNING                      

8.  Can We Really Enforce Values in the Age of the Internet or are We Fighting a LoosingBattle?             

9.  International Conference on Learning Faculty of Education (articles and researches)                                  

10.  Ezine articles:  Team Work - A Challenge of Character

11.  Group Dynamics in Sport

12.  Many good group facilitators find working with adolescents more challenging than with adults                                  

13.  Group Dynamics                           

14.  Do YOU want BETTER grades?                         

15.  Background and Context for Character Education

16.  Character Qualities of A Leader! Qualities That Make You Shine!

17.  Character traits of an effective leader

18.  Leadership development tips         

19.  Emotional Intelligence for Elementary        

20. Josephson Institute of Ethics                      

21.  What is Facilitation?                               

22.  Is experiential learning team building?        

23.  Free Emotional Literacy Education Course 101 online
What Is Emotional Literacy Education?                                                       

24.  Strategic visuals                                                    

25.  Transactional Analysis Tutor                                                       

26.  Diagram of Ego States                     

27.  Exploring The Ninth intelligence – Maybe

28.  Howard Gardner - Multiple IntelligencesEight Ways of Being Smart          

29.  Eight Ways of Knowing!
Multiple Intelligences Applied ("click"an intelligence picture for a brief description & lesson plan ideas)                                                                              

30.  The site features a series of FREE, self-paced workshops covering a wide variety of hot topics in education. Some of the workshops are based in theory, some are based in methodology - but all of the workshops include plenty of tips and strategies for making classrooms work.                                                           

31.  ABC, teaching human rights : Practical activities for primary and secondary schools                                          

32.  The Power of Visualization (Video presentation)                                         

33.  Human Values for the 21st Century     

34.  Book on: Higher-Level Thinking Questions Developing Character

35.  Teaching tips index      

36.  What are the Emotional Intelligence (EI) Competencies?  The Four-Quadrant EI Model                                                   

37.  Values Education Educational Resources Web Page by Midge Frazel             


39.  Positive Living                

40. Self-Esteem: How do you feel about yourself?       

41.  Why do some people bully?                                

42.  Fun, Motivational Posters

43.  Character Education Lesson Plans

44. Character Education for Elementary Classrooms

45. Character Education Institute Resources and Links

46. Character Education Manifesto

47. Character education page: A-Z Character Education

48. Character Education Topics (Helen's)

49. Character education websites

50. Character Traits needed according to parents and teachers

51. Developing Consensus on Teachable Character Traits

52. DECS List of Approved Textbooks and Teacher's Manuals for
SY 2000-2001

53. Effective Character Education program

54. Example of a High School Character Education Program

55. How Not to Teach Values A Critical Look at Character Education

56. Implementing character education...  

57. Institutions with an interest in Character Education

58. Integrating Values in the Curriculum (

59. International Values Education Links

60. Kohlberg’s Cognitive Development Approach to Values Education
in the Two-Year Colleges

61. List of Values that should be taught in schools

62. Living Values: An Educational Program

63. Mga Kagandahang Asal ng Bagong Pilipino The Values of Modern Filipino

64. Misguided Values in Education Kris Schnee

65. Moral and Character Education in the USA and its Trends

66. Pilosopiya ng Pagpapahalagang Moral (Philosophy of Moral Values)

67. Pinoy web sites. Com (A gem!!!)

68. Principals’ Values: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

69. Teachers Fit Character Education Into Their Lessons

70. The Comprehensive Approach to Values Education

71. Ten Tips for Raising Children of Character

72. Teaching guides for Values Education help, this is where to start!

73. The Need for Values Education

74. Three Approaches to Curriculum Integration of Character Education Principles and Values into Content

75. The Values Today initiative assumes that when young people are focused on practicing core values they begin to develop the assets they need to cope with life's challenges.

76. This module examines the place and function of values education in environmental education.                                       

77. The Values Education Summit New Zealand May 2000):Values in Education
Understanding the Filipino values and culture

78. Values Education

79. Values Education for Teachers

80. Values and Methodology

81. Values Teaching Methodology

82. Websites for Character Education

83. "Whatever Happened to Good Manners?" Handout                   

84. What is values education?




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